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Welcome to Nexonic Design

After 65 combined years as experts in R&D, design and project management for some of the most innovative products in audio, broadcast, theater and event industries, we now look forward to sharing our passion for excellence by matching technologies across many industries and interests to deliver the next generation of products and solutions.

Utilizing the latest tools, methods and technologies, Nexonic provides consulting, design and product solutions for even the most challenging RF, Digital and Audio products, projects and events. 

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Nexonic Design is the next step for the innovators who brought you the industry-acclaimed Alteros GTX Series 6.5 GHz UWB wireless microphone and Direct-to-Fiber systems. We are not afraid to tackle technology challenges that have yet to be solved, and have a proven track record of success in the most demanding applications at the highest levels of performance. Nexonic’s team is especially skilled in high-frequency RF design and optimization as well as digital RF, audio, and communication solutions. 

Whether your interest is implementing a new technology for a product, facility or venue, improving an existing technology, product, or facility implementation, solving a coordination or application challenge, or creating the pinnacle of low-latency, high-performance audio, we thrive on delivering what makes you successful.

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