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Tools and Resources

Nexonic Design has a fully equipped lab to support the latest design and prototyping requirements of analog and digital audio and wireless devices and products. Check out our list of equipment and software below.

In addition to our own equipment and facility, we have a network of highly-expert trusted partners with whom we have developed excellent working relationships over the years. If a project requires it, we will engage and coordinate with additional resources who can assist with activities such as full production and test, advanced DSP, FPGA, and user interface programming, and specialty component or antenna builds. In addition, we are located near and have long-standing relationships with certified RF test-labs, and government/military specification qualified test facilities. 

Equipment list
  • Agilent E5071C VNA with accessories

  • Agilent N9343C Spectrum Analyzer

  • Leader LG-3226 RF Signal Generator

  • HP 8449A RF Amplifier

  • Agilent 8495B Step Attenuator

  • BK Precision 1785B Dual Power Supply

  • BK Precision 9110 Single Power Supply

  • Custom Multi Tone 600MHz RF Generators (for specialty intermodulation analysis)

  • Keysight DSOX3032T Oscilloscope with accessories

  • Agilent 53220A Frequency Counter

  • Audio Precision SYS-2722 w/APIB & PSIA Audio Analyzer

  • Tektronix CFG6253 Audio Signal Generator

  • GWInstek GPS-2303 Dual Power Supply

  • Amscope microscope for soldering and quality/inspection

  • A generous selection of small audio/wireless electronics (such as mini circuits devices)

  • Various computers (for bench and portable applications)

  • Electronic calibrator 

  • Ender 5 3d printer

  • Various bench equipment, meters, probes

  • Antenna assortment

  • Various assembly/solder tools

NEW in 2021! Custom designed microphone measurement system for automated polar response, frequency response and time-domain behavior

  • Ansys Electronic Workbench/HFSS/Designer/Optimetrics

  • Mentor Pads Professional Pro

  • Library Expert Pro 

  • IPC footprint generator

  • Solidworks Professional

  • Various custom IM and other parameters calculation

NEW in 2021! Now featuring full Altium compatibility

  • Altium Professional

    • Altium 360 cloud-based management​

    • Schematic capture

    • Layout

    • Parts library

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