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Bob Green, Director

Prior to forming Nexonic Design, Bob was responsible for many innovative products and projects in the companies Alteros and Audio-Technica. He joined Audio-Technica in 1988 as an engineer and became the lead design engineer for two of Audio-Technica's then subsidiary companies - Design Acoustics and Signet – specializing in loudspeaker design and test system development.  While at Audio-Technica, his experience was deployed globally in the roles of Design Engineer, Engineering Manager, Product Manager, Director of Global Product Strategy and Director of Digital and Technical Wireless Engineering. As an expert in all areas of engineering implementation and project management including mechanical, electrical, RF, and programming design as well as production and process management, Bob was well-positioned to take on a lead role as one of the founding members of Alteros, Inc. Bob’s role as Executive Vice President Product Engineering resulted in proven ability to define and invent solutions to the most challenging design and engineering development requirements of high-end live, theater and broadcast applications while leading an elite team of internal and external engineering constituents to deliver on-time, on-cost, premium performance products. 

Bob holds patents in the fields of analog and digital circuit design, transducer design, and wireless technology.  He has provided technical assistance for audio and wireless microphone use for large venues and events such as the Grammys and the Country Music Awards since 2003 and has actively participated in many global wireless regulatory issues and actions.  Bob is a member of the AES and IEEE.

Bob's interest in audio began while designing and installing an audio system for his high school.  He studied Physics at Kenyon College and Computer Science at Kent State University. Prior to working at Audio-Technica and then Alteros, Mr. Green worked for Sea World of Ohio as an Electronic Systems Technician. 

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Jackie Green, Director

Prior to forming Nexonic Design, Jackie was responsible for many successfully noted products in the professional audio industry. After brief employment at Audio Dynamics Corporation and BSR, Audio-Technica sought her proven talent in professional audio at the start of their foray into professional microphone products. Following a 30 year career in product management, engineering design and as R&D/Engineering Vice President at Audio-Technica U.S., Inc., she drove the creation of Alteros, Inc. in order to pursue advanced technology research, and to design and develop cutting-edge professional wireless and digital products for the high end broadcast, live sound and theater markets. In addition to engineering and technology management, Jackie is well-versed in all aspects of business management employing a holistic and integrated approach to corporate guidance and strategic development, leadership fundamentals, risk management,  technology/IP licensing, transfer and development, and market-driven growth. All areas of expertise benefit from emphases on collaborative communication and big-picture thinking.

A graduate of the SUNY Fredonia BS program, Green later received an MBA and pursued graduate courses in microprocessor design and digital signal processing. In order to share knowledge and encourage opportunities for advanced development, Green has participated on committees to meet, discuss and influence wireless spectrum policy with the FCC, and served as the Vice Chairperson for AES SC_04_04 standards subcommittee for microphone measurement and characterization. She has been a featured presenter at numerous events and locations across the U.S., Asia, Europe and South America regarding microphone performance and measurement, wireless technology, digital technology, physics and microphones, women in audio, and RF spectrum policy. She holds patents for key digital and wireless work and is the author of a number of published papers, including the 133rd Audio Engineering Society Convention “Best Paper” award winner.

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